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Our main aim for the up and coming weeks is to create a strong foundation and structure to our guild, we shall also look at some outside equipment we may need like Vent or TS. All officers please recruit anyone who falls into our player category this being Mature, fun, loyal and the ability to progress. Make sure however you direct them to the website ALL APPLICANTS are to apply through our FORUMS and cannot be recruited on the spot. The only reason players maybe asked to join on the spot is if 1) There ex members from the BETA or 2) They are well known by the officer. 

We need to focus on keeping our players happy and respectful throughout our time on rift ensuring all members are happy with our current situation. This can be helped by regular forum posts or being social via guild chat, ensure to keep these basic tasks up and we will go far. My aim as the guild master is to ensure we work as a team and progress as a team no individual is better than the other were all one. 


We are currently allied with Equinox 

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Be Mature, Respectful and Social towards others we are sharing the vent with Equinox if there is any problems you will be guild removed.

All our staff come from World of Warcraft and have either run or been an officer in top raiding guilds my self, Trixx and Diverse are all from a strong raid guild in WoW at the moment and we know how to keep a guild together. We however also rely on our members as its the people who make a guild not its leaders. 

My personal aim as the GM is to make sure all players are both happy and in a state of progression throughout the game. I don't want to see any problems within the guild and we progress as a team not individually.



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Luciph, Feb 19, 11 9:35 AM.
Site almost complete, recruitment high and a good preparation level. 
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